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Akalpith Marathi Film


                     Releasing On 28th February 2014                                                                                                                                                           


Director:| Prasad Acharekar|
Producer:|Nought Creation Pvt. Ltd.| Prasad Ugle | Harshal Ushir |
Writer:| Prasad Acharekar | Snehal Pendurkar|
Music: | Parikrama|
Cast: |Dr. Mohan Agashe| Nirmiti Sawant| Renuka Shahane| Atul Todankar| Sandesh Jadhav| Abhiney Sawant| Rutul Patil |


Akalpith Marathi Film is suspense and Psychological thriller movie.The plot is a man Milind (Abhinay Sawant) who get accused about three murder but very surprisingly he doesn’t remember it !!

A couple Milind (Abhinay Sawant) and Shweta (Rutul Patil) are on the way back from Mumbai, and they happen to meet  their friend Vishal (Ashutosh Patki) after long time, and he invite  them to his farmhouse over weekend.

The intention is malicious behind his invitation.Actually he and his other colleagues has plan to murder someone and trap Milind.
So he goes to the farmhouse at weekend and whatever happens he does not remember.Milind get accused for killing three people but in interrogation he tell repeatedly he does not remember anything. Doctors and interrogation team concludes that he is lost his mind and has become insane.Therefore decision taken to  transfer him to Bhopal Psychological Research Department for
further treatment and investigation under psychiatrist (Renuka Shahane).

But all confusion and commotion start when Milind make contradictory statement just 14 Hrs before he suppose to be transferred to Bhopal,that he has started remembering everything what happened.Jury make special arrangement for him to record his statement as he start remembering.

Due course of time he realise (or remember & realise) that he was there at the place when murder was taken place but he was not part of it and he did not kill anyone. Between all this confusions he is left only 4 Hrs to prove himself innocent that he has not done the crime, does he manage to prove? or does he goes to jail? Watch heart-throbbing Akalpith !!

Cast :

Nirrmite Saawaant – Mrs. Sarnjamhe
Abheney Saawaant – Milind Deshmukh
Sumaydh Gaikwad – Raj
Rutul Patil – Shweta
Ashutosh Patki—Vishal
Atul Todankar- Mr. Shinde
Sandesh Jadhav – Killer Chotu
Sachin Shinde – Milind’s Lawyer
Saurabh Oak – Mr. Kamath
Shashikant Patade – Pandu

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