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                                                       Releasing On 27th September 2013                                                                                                                 

Warning !!  One Small mistake may cost you life !!

Directer    :     Gurmmeet Singh
Produced :    Anubhav Sinha,Jitendra Jain
Writer       :  Tejpal Singh Rawat,Rajesh Chawla
Starring   :  Santosh Barmola,Suzana Rodrigues,Manjari Fadnis,Varun Sharma,Jitin Gulati,Sumit Suri,Madhurima Tuli
Music by  :   Meet Bros Anjjan, Ankit Sharib Sabri,Toshi Sabri




Warning movie story remind you way back long hollywood movie “Open Sea 2 ” , The plot is group of friends unite and decide to enjoy and freak out on luxury yacht in middle of ocean near Fiji island. All of them start there yachting as planed ,but they get away far from the land and even mobile network in the middle of ocean as they deeply immersed in joy and alcohol !

They decide to swims and one by one jump in deep sea, but they make big blunder as they forget to lower down the ladder to get back in yacht when they finish off. All of them except dog & child are floating in the sea after sometime time even dog jump into the sea,all of them becomes panic and soon they realize the mistake made and they understand the seriousness of the situation,everybody start blame game as they see the life threat themself, and in haste , frustration and anger try wearied attempt to get rescued and whatever they can think of .In addition to make situation more worse shark makes entry in to life & death drama.

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