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                                          Released On-27th September 2013                                                             

Elysium is sci-fi story from future in 2154, Elysium is very high tech huge space station ,the artificial world created in space and governed by President Patel( FaranTahir) ,where everything is available on space station lavish lifestyle and all latest technology in all walk of the life, like medical instant cure etc.in contrast entire earth has become slum world and overpopulated. Life is struggle on earth and for every cure the only option is Elysium.Elysium will strictly maintain the citizen life style in space station and whatever it take to maintain ant-immigration laws.

Max Decosta( Matt Damon) factory worker infected cancer virus has only 5 days in hand to reach on Elysium to get treated for for his disease,for that sake he kidnap rich businessman to hijack his identity and hijack all his credentials to way to space station.This breach of law entangle him against Elysium secretary (jodie Foster ) and her army. Does he get successful getting the treatment for his cancer? Can he fight against the violent army of Elysium
all alone?

Elyium Official Trailer

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