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                                                             Released On 11th October 2013                                                                            

Producer :  Alfonso Cuarón,David Heyman
Story         :  Alfonso Cuarón,Jonás Cuarón
Director   :  Alfonso Cuarón
Music        :  Steven Price
Cast            :  Sandra Bullock,George Clooney


GRAVITY the movie you cant miss to watch.Every single penny is worth to spend such kind of movie.The movie is so beautifully scripted that you never realise till the end that you are just watched only two character in entire movie !! There is no unnecessary jazzy sets trying to mimics high tech infrastructure on earth, or rocket launch etc.The movie start directly in the space.

Story start with two astronauts is space shuttle Dr. Ryan Stone(Sandra Bullok) who is on her first mission on space shuttle Explorer,the other her colleague is Matt Kowalski(George Clooney) who also happen to be commander in charge of mission.Both come out from shuttle for routine equipment testing.Matt is wearing thruster pack and supporting Dr.Ryan.During this time they are warned for the debris from the Russian missile has struck one of the satellite and that has triggered the destruction of the other satellites with increasing in more debris, and such debris is in there way of orbit and they must abort the mission.

High speed Debris strike on Explorer and Dr. Ryan get detached from shuttle,  get tumbled in the space with no direction.Matt come in her way to rescue and take her back to explorer.They realise the shuttle is damaged and all there other team member are dead, Making quick decisions they decide to go to ISS ( International Space Station) but soon they learn even ISS is damaged,but still it can be used to travel to near by Chinese satellite Tiangong by which they can enter in to earth atmosphere and return to earth.In the gravity less effort to grab ISS and taking control, Dr. Ryan get entangled in to the parachute cords, and Matt realise that his speed and momentum will kill both of them hence he detach himself from Dr, Ryan, he get away from her in the space,Dr. Ryan start fighting for life single handed,how she save her self from weight less,gravity less space and bring herself on earth…Just watch

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