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Hello Nandan

                           Release On 14th March 2014                                                                                                                              


Director:| Rahul Jadhav|
Producer:| Naveen Ramnani|
Writer: |Saurabh Bhave|
Genre: |Thriller|
Cast: |Adinath Kothare| Mrunal Thakur| Anant Jog| Devendra Bhagat| Neena Kulkarni |



Hello Nandan is story of budding artist Nandan Dixit ( Adinath Kothare) and central character of thismovie. Nandan is artist painter by profession and looking for big break in his carrier.

The day rise for Nandan for which he was waiting he get call from abroad to work on assignment and work on the opportunity,but bad luck strikes him again and his mobile phone get stolen. He gets very upset as his carrier break  is entirely depends on the communication with his client and so as his mobile.

Being irritated he logs the police complaint and try very hard to get his phone and simcard back, as part of his effort of tracing his stolen mobile he gets in touch with Ruby ( Mrunal Thakur) who works in mobile service provider company who is also his( Nandan) service provider. Ruby understand his situation and importanace and helps a  lot him for his extensive search of mobile and later they become close friend and ultimately (and obiviously icon smile Hello Nandan ) in love of each other.

His search of mobile lead to bigger problem, he get himself into panga with gangsters and criminals and the leader of the gangster….what Nandan end up into for his search ? Does he get his opportunity to prove him his carrier?e him his carrier?


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