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Horrer Story
Horrer Story

                                                                                  Releasing On 13th September 2013                                                                     

Producer       : ASA Productions and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Director        : Ayush Raina
Written By   : Vikram Bhatt,Mohan Azad
Gnere            : Horrer
Cast               : Karan Kundra,Nishant Malkani,Ravish Desai,Hasan Zaidi,Aparna Bajpai,Radhika Menon,Nandini Vaid,Sheetal Singh


Horrer Story is story of old seven friend who decide to gather,get to gether  and have grand party on the occasion of their friend who is going to abroad to pursue the career and achieve the his life goals. Since this reunion of seven friend is after long time and special reason to celebrate, all of them decide to celebrate in hotel pub,unfortunately which is reputed for as haunted place.Hotel was originally started by one mentally imbalanced and criminal minded person , due course of time hotel get caught in fire, so the place becomes under influence of evil spirit.

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