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                                       Releasing On 20th September 2013                                                                                                                                             

Directer    :  Ratnakar Matkari
Produced :  Pratibha Matkari,Mandar vaidya,Anish Joshi
Writer       :  Ratnakar Matkari ,Based on Investment Novell
Starring    : Tushar Dalvi,Supriya Vinod,Sulbha Deshpande,Sanjay Mone,Sandeep Pathak,Praharsh Naik

INVESMENT is marathi movie which has already won the National Film Award and even internation film festival, movie is based on novell investment wirtten by director Ratnakar Matkari himself , Friday First Show really thank Ratnakar Matkari for choosing his own novell to make film and direct as well to make sure that he project his message effectively to the audienace. The story is most socially relevant to current time. Every commen man will feel the story is from his own house and can relate himself with it.

Story is about Ghorpade family of which all family members are ambitious and running after to fullfill there ambitions and money. Husbang Ashish and wife Prachi, both are working professional who are working hard to grow in their respective carrier and they are barely able to devote time to there Sohail. They know it and in there mind and having guilt feeling all the time but everytime grid for ambitions and money take over there responsibilty toward there son, out of this guilt  both the parents try this fill this emptyness with offering whatever is demanded by Sohail. Soon he realised that he can black mail his parents and get anything he wants.where this demand and supply lead the Sohail and his parents ?  Every family should watch this movie.

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