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Khara Sangu Khota Khota


                                   Release On 20th December 2013                                                                                                                                                                       


Director:| SANJEEV NAIK |
Singers:|Awadhoot Gupte| Vaishali Samant| Vaishali Made| Swapnil Bandodkar| Shivprasad Mallya |
Cast: Ashok Saraf as Dhandalkar | Nirmiti Sawant as Nani Saranjame| Sayaji Shinde as Dhandle Patil| Analesh Desai | Trishala |


 ‘Khara Sangu Khota Khota’ is set on the backdrop of a village- Dhandalgaon, which has witnessed & experienced traditional rivalry between two neighbours. Dhandle Patil ( Sayaji Shinde) and Dhandalkar ( Ashok Saraf) are involved in all such acts, to show their supremacy in the village. Bothe of them always try to esablishe there supremacy over eah other. The rivalary between these two has reached such a extreme stage that it has become a pass time  and favourite gossip for the villagers. Their Children Analesh Desai and Trishala share the same equation as their fathers between them, but one of them falls in love with the other and there is laughter , romance and fight

Nirmiti Sawant is a late entrant in the village and all these characters start tickling your ribs right from the 1st minute and will have that effect every time you think of it.

After quite gap Ashok Saraf is back and as always his acting in Khara Sangu Khota Khota will be feast for viewers.Ashok Saraf will be contesting the election in this film ,and as being perfectionist and versitile actor Ashok Saraf has learned new thing which one politician need to have. There are new fresh young faces in this movie and Analesh Desai look like hero material and he is playing Tapori kine of character.

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