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                                             Released On 4th  October  2013                                                                                                                             

Producer:Kiran Deshpande,Mohan Damle,Sanjeev Langarkande
Story: Ajay Naik
Director:Ajay Naik
Cast: Mukta Barve,Umesh Kamat,Tejashree Pradhan,Sidhharth Chandekar




Two creative mind come together and start the marriage bureau with name Shubhavivah with modern science touch,what there bureau  is diffrent from the traditional arrange marriage process,is they identify and introduce scientific  based matching couple as life partner which will make sure it will long last & durable !! ,  bypassing all the traditional methods like horoscope matching etc.They get there very first customer Rahul & Anand to get married by  there new method, however they get exactly opposite opinion from the famous astrologer that the marriage will not last long since horoscope is not matching .Now they are in dilemma, do they accept new scientific method or go for same old tradition?


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