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This version of Superman movie also has identical start as of part one. Jr-Ei and his wife Lara give birth to baby boy. Planet Krypton is on the verge of destruction due instability planetary core. General Zod is in planning to take over Krypton and he did not want Jor EI to expose the truth of destruction of planet to the planet council. Zod goes after Jor EI to kill him. Jor EI escapes from him and manage to launch space craft for new born son to planet Earth.
Zod attacks with his army on Jor EI and try to stop the spacecraft and destroy, but Jor-EI fight with Zod and sacrifice his life to save his naturally new born baby.
Zod & his army manage to escape and save life at the time of explosion of Krypton planet. Son of Jor-EI lands on earth and get discovered by couple who adopt that child and name him as Clark.

Man of steel Trailer

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