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                                                                          Releasing On 20th September 2013                                                                                      

Producer  : FilmFarm India Pvt LTD.
Story          : “Shajjano Bagan” by Manoj Mitra.
Director   :  Aditya Ajay Sarpotdar
Music        :  Manges Dhakade
Cast           :   Dilip Prabhavalkar,Manoj Joshi,Nikhil Ratnaparkhi,Kishori Shahane,Ambarish Deshpande, Kamlakar Satpute,Bhalchandra Kadam,Atul Parchure,Suhas Shirsat,Vikas Kadam,Jyoti Malshe,



About Narabachi wadi…..First of all be assured that when (ever!) you are going to watch versatile actor Dilip Prabhavalkar mean its going to be worth to watch. After long time people going to watch him on screen.

Success of movie is depend on how its been presented by director and how the actors have really carried the exact idea the way director wanted, and hence here therefore there could not be any better choice than Dilip Prabhvalakar.

Narabachi Wadi Story is from era of 1946, from small beauty full village from kokan. In this village one villager Naraba is holding beauty full  land (wadi) where he works hard everyday to make this land full of all greenery with all type of trees and plants. Vilage creditor is after this land and whenever get chance he would try to convince Narba to sell his land ,but naraba is emotinally attched with his piece of land. This tussle goes on between crediter and Naraba for land, this all fight between those two is all movie about. Watch this to enjoy the act of Dilip Prabhavlkar.

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