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PUNE via BIHAR Marathi Movie 2014


                          Release On 31st January 2014                                                                                                                                           

Director:| Sachin Goswami|
Producer:| Atul Maru|Ketan Maru|
Writer:|Sachin Mote |Sachin Goswami|
Screenplay:|Sachin Mote|Sachin Goswami|
Music:|Amir Hadkar|
Cast: |Bharat Jadhav| Umesh Kamat| Mrunmayee Deshpande| Arun Nalavade| Bhalchandra Kadam |Kishori Ambiye|




PUNE via BIHAR marathi movie story is of middle class common man Abhijeet Bhosle( Umesh Kamat) who is engineering student and Tara who is daughter of big shot Ramlal Yadav who is minister in Bihar.

Tara’s father finalise the marriage her daughter Tara with local businessman.Tara is not happy with the one sided decision and she wanted to get married to doctor Baldev (Sunil Kumar). So she decide to run away from home and meet him. Abhijeet help Tara in her plan to run away from home and bring her into Maharashtra.He help her to get in touch with his soul mate Baldev and get married.Unknowingly he (Abhijeet) is also get involved in Tara and he wanted to see her happy.As soon as Ramlal get to know about her daughter act he get furious and contact Nishikant Nibalkar(Bharat Jadhav) or Maharathtra police to catch hold of her daughter before things get ruined further.

When Nibalkar traces Tara and reach to her marriage venue ,Abhijeet & Tara run away again and then both of them realise that they both are in love with each other.

Big attraction would be the evergreen famous poem written by Veteran Poet Kusumagraj which already been inspiration for lovers.


Pune Via Bihar – Theatrical Trailer HD with Kusumagraj lines

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