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RANGKARMI Marathi Movie


                        Release On 27t December013                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Director:| Sanjiv Kolte|
Producer:| Sumeet H Mittal|Shashi Mittal|
Writers:| Sanjiv Kolte|Sumeet H.Mittal|
Screenplay:|Sanjiv Kolte|Sumeet H Mittal|
Cast:|Mohan Joshi|Dr. Amol Kohle|Sheetal Dabholkar|Sharmistha Raut|



 RANGKARMI Marathi Movie is a tribute movie to martahi theater.The movie is life story & journey of aspiring actor Keshav,who is determined to make his foot print in acting world.He has only one goal to become successful stage actor.As everyone aware path way to become a successful actor is full of struggle and ups & down, there is always need of mentor to guide throughout. Kehav also develop wonderful relationship his makeup man and later as mentor Dwarkanath.

After hard struggle Keshav becomes successful and famous actor,But as it is well said carrying success is more difficult than getting success, most of people become victim of it and Keshav as well.Once success goes in to his head he start declining as a result.Self destruct his carrier.So the story pass on very good message that success should not get in head and feet should be down to earth.Especially Aspirant who want make carrier in film industry or in acting must watch this movie!!

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