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                                                             Release On 7th February 2014                                                                                                                             


Director:| Saisparsh|
Producer:| Vidnyan Siddhi Films Ltd|
Music:|Nishikant Sadaphule|Bapi –Tutul|
Cast: |Rajesh Shringarpure|Sangeeta Kapure|Prajakta Mali|Nakul Ghanekar|Anshuman Vichare|


Sangharsh Marathi movie is story about three best friends Bhau,Tavlya and Manya ( Langoti yar!) who are icons of Gunaji Chawl out of these these three two of them have definite goal ahead of life and one is still struggling on that front. Bhau happens to be Karate black belt champion and he is looking forward to grow in that filed only.Manya has born dancing instinct and he is natural ,fantastic dancer and he wants build his career around dancing only.Tavlya has no specific goal but he has capability to entertain people around them ,crack spontaneous jokes and perform mimicry.

One day all these three amigos get into trouble which impact there life, and take unexpected turn as they get into fight with goons unaware of who are they and what they capable of.

Later they realize that what they have put there hands into , and they start getting into conflict and rivalry against politician, underworld dons and corrupt police officer.

In due course of time they trap deeper into all these trouble and creates more complication which leave them no option with but to fight against. Do they succeed in there fight ? DO they crack entire racket?

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Sangharsh – Marathi Movie – Official Theatrical Trailer

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