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                                                               Released On 8th November 2013                                                                                             

Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: M Samanth Kumar Reddy
Story: Radhika Anand
Music Director: Amar Mohile|Kary Arora
Cinematography: Vikash Saraf
Cast: Puneet Singh Ratn|Anaika Soti|Mahesh Thakur|Naara|Aradhna Gupta|Raj Premi|Amal Sehrawat|Kaushal Kapoor|Vikram Singh|

Although the name of movie is Satya-2, it does not have any connection with part -1,but satya 2 is also about underworld and there modes of operendi.The movie is narrated by Makrand Deshpande, It narrates all about the discrimnation in the society between rich and poor,this underworld activities has taken new form and changed according to time ,now there is smart way of doing illegal business, and not like same old type typical bhai type underworld.Although Mumbai police finished the underworld dons one by one ,it will never end according to this movie theme and some one will take new place of old ones and it will continue.Thats what Satya does exactly…

The story revolve with current(2013) year where young man step in Mumbai as every day thousand of people pour in.His name is Satya( Puneet Sing Ratan),he start getting acquainted with city and settle down with mumbai life style.He gets the job construction company.One day his boss ask him to meet gangster RK to resolve the dispute with other builder,and that give him head-start to think and give twist to his life.Soon he form his own company and target to grow it with underworld strategies.

Police department is totally in confusion and not able to deal with this new form of illegal underworld business.What happens to his company ? is it successfull or does it endwhat underworld people end into?

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