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Sau Sashi Deodhar

Sashi Deodhar-Marathi Movie
Sashi Deodhar-Marathi Movie

             Release On 21st February  2014                                                                                                                                    

[note] Producer:|Orange Tree|Neddledrop Production| Director:| Amol Shetge| Writer:|Amol Shetge| Music:|Tabbi|Parikshit| Cast: | Ajinkya Deo | Sai Tamhankar | Tushar Dalvi| Avinash Kharshikar | Aniket Kelkar | [/note]

Sau Sashi Deodhar is story about a woman  Shubhada ( Sai Tamhankar).The story  is serious effort for showing complete journey of her state of mind,and roller coaster like its changes.Its like Director had drawn a picture of the character on big canvas with all minute details.Consistent flow of story and with exact write up along with the  sudden twist in between has made movie interesting to watch without hassle.

Ajinkya Vartak is un married man and his life motto is to freak out ,enjoy with friends,enjoy late night parties. One day he start from his home to attend the party while it is pouring heavily.He is start driving slowly on the road as its raining heavily. All of sudden one woman (who is Shubhada) come across and hit the car.Ajinkya hospitalise her and keep waiting for her to come out  unconciousness. Finally she come out her unconsiousness and Ajinkya start investigating about her.As her story get unfold slowly, Ajinkya start getting involved such a way as if  like there is entry but no come back. Director has designed every event about her life such way that ,he makes you start guessing about happening but all of suden either he make dead end of that event or sudden twist which leave viewer stunned. All the guess and prediction are as common as every one would make it. This is what USP of this movie. So better to watch it and experience yourself!! So will you watch it? participate in poll, and do post your own opinion after you watch.

  Sau Shashi Deodhar – Marathi Movie Review – Sai Tamhankar, Ajinkya Dev, Tushar Dalvi [polldaddy rating=”6730914″]