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Shrimant DAMODAR Pant

While watching this movie one has to understand that this is purely entertainment movie and based on fantasy. So you have keep aside logical thinking and enjoy the movie. Well combination of Bharat Jadhav & Vijay Chavan
guarantee you for full comedy and entertainment.This movie is actually base on Kedar Shinde’s own theatre play “Shrimant Damodar Pant” and it was grand success for the play. Those who have seen the play might enjoy the
movie version little less.

The story is all about freedom fighter Damodar Pant (Bharat Jadhav) and Lakhoba ( Sunil Barve) had key for success and wealth of India.They knows about the secret map which has formula for wealth.Both struggle and fight and manage
to get the map from the custody of British people, but after getting this map Lakhoba become greedy and wanted to use the map for his personal wealth instead of country, but Damodar denies his idea and also try to refrain Lakhoba
for misuse of map.There dispute over the use of map leads into fight and map torn , one part remain with Damodar and another with Lakhoba. Lakhoba dies with half of the map with him and secret too.

Now second part start with Damodar’s wada and his next generation.where Damodar’s son Ganpat (Vijay Chavan) has rented the wada to different family, a typical seen from wada living style. Like all different families staying like one big family and
sharing caring for each other. Since Damodar soul is still living in the same wada , his soul enters in his sons body everyday after six in the evening. As soul enters in him (Ganpat) his behavior changes drastically resembling to Damodar style
and entire atmosphere changes in wada. It become like rich palace which used to be earlier Damodar;s time. In this every day’s drama what happens to half piece of map which was with Damodar ?, When this everyday evening
soul act does end? pace of story is superb and every actor has contributed so well that you wont feel bored or left out anywhere while watching. As I mentioned earlier Bharat & Vijay both has carried entire script gracefully, and especially about Vijay you can feel depth and maturity of his acting.

So go and watch this movie to laugh and make your day ,evening happy !!!

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