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The Lunchbox
The Lunchbox

                                                                                Releasing On 20th September 2013                                                          


Producer : Anurag Kashyap,Guneet Monga,Arun Rangachari
Story        : Ritesh Batra
Director  : Ritesh Batra
Music      : Max Richter
Cast         : Irrfan Khan,Nimrat Kaur,Nawazuddin Siddiqui


The Lunch Box , is a something different story , if directer has talent how he or she can turn even simple subject in very interesting movie. If you are tiered to watch typical style influenced movies , this is the movie for you.Director Ritesh Batra really has handled director role well in spite of being new.

The story is about middle class family from Mumbai, Ella ( Nimrat Kaur)  is unhappy bored married woman who is living simple house wife life.
Her day start with making lunch boxes for her husband & daughter as they go there office & school,and you all must be knowing mumbaikar’s lunch is managed by Management gurus “Mumbai Dabbawallas” who actually make mistake (  They are actually Six Sigma certified who make 99.99 % error in service, they are hard to make such mistake…..anyways ) and deliver the lunch box to wrong man Fernandis (Irrfan Khan) , and he finishes off his lunch as every day.Ella realizes that her lunch box was delivered to wrong person,so she write a note along with next day lunch box , from there two way communication starts and they start sharing there thoughts, opinions, they start liking each other even they are not met each other and develop affinity and bonding.

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