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Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza

Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza
Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza

                                                   Release On 6th December 2013                                                                                                                                     
Director:| Anil Kakade |
Producer: | Anil Kakade|
Lyrics:| Guru Thakur |
Music Director: | Tabi Parik |
Cast: | Vikram Gokhale | Ajinkya Deo | Varsha Usgaonkar | Sulbha Deshpande | Nikhil Kakade | Ashok Samarth | Dr. Vilas Ujavane |

thoda tuza thoda maza

Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza

Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza is  movie with another serious subject ,this time its related with young generation. Its has become trend that old generation nags,criticize upcoming young generation with tags “irresponsible”, “care less”, and “characterless”,but there is other side of coin  which is not talk about  and analysed , they also part of new era of cut throat competition, future insecurity ,and fatal distraction.

In Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza you can expect reflection of this another side of coin that the problems young generation has to face today ,like extreme stress in their life and there family relations.Lets see how this movie touch peoples nerves and heart.

Nikhil Kakde is new budding actor and this is his debut film.

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