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Wake Up India


                                        Released On 25th  October 2013                                                                                                 


Release Date : 25th October 2013
Producer: Anjula Singh Mahor | Ashok Kaushik | Vinay Singh
Director: Babloo Seshadri
Screenplay: Shekhar Ghosh
Music: Shankar Shahane
Cast: Chirag Patil | Sai Tamhankar | Mukesh Tiwari | Mohan Joshi | Milind Gunaji | Mohan Joshi |Anant Jog |Asrani| Atul Parchure




Wake Up India !! A real need of Time, now many movies are coming up on real & current incidents. This movie also based on current burning issue of rape victims.
The story is about the rape victim girl ( Sai Tamhankar) take on war   against strong corrupt a typical minister real character from our very own India but she take courageous decision to lodge complaint against old rotten Chief Mininster who rape her in his 75 year of age.The girl and her lawyer (Chirag Patil)keep pushing there allegations. He is being a dirty politician he diplomatically remain neutral with allegation ,and avoid to comment.This issue taken by all media and create the sympathetic wave in public which impact the political party

to which the minister belong to.Politics takes up it own color and there own party member start taking up there own party CM.On top of it all other community like Mahaila Mandal and opposition parties take this opportunity to trap there opposition party.So every one has there own angle to look at this rape case.In the end whether girl get the justice or not ? Although the subject is very serious you get feeling that the subject is used as wrapper to cover all other intensions.

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